Episode 1 Part 1 The Beginning...

Into the realm we go!


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Darkness.Forever. Unending. An eternity of black…

Finally light!

Your eyes open, adjust and slowly you begin to take in your surroundings.

A rolling landscape of hills with mountains in the distance extends before you. A low mist covers the ground and all is shrouded in darkness. Yet every detail stands out crisply, still visible somehow...

The stars!

Bright pinpoints of light fill the sky above, as well as a pair of odd moons, casting a strangely bright grayish silvery light over everything in sight.

You know nothing and have never seen this sight before.

A few moments pass as you try to recall how you got here, where here even isor who you are.


You hear a flapping sound behind you as a light wind blows. You turn around and see what’s causing the sound.

At first you mistake the sight for some kind of tent or shelter but you soon realize a ragged cloak stands before you. Pinned open by two huge tusks tied with spines of wood. It feels unbelievably ancient and makes a quiet tinkling sound as the various bones and teeth adorning it sway slightly in the cool breeze.

You watch it for a few moments as it flaps and sways.

It calls to you.

You walk closer and peer into the unnaturally pitch black darkness inside the cloak.

You lean forward trying to make out something in the dark.

A sudden tugging sensation pulls you forward and you lose your balance.

You fall into the darkness of the cloak.

A timeless interval passes.

A timeless interval passes.

Once again you awaken to the same sight as before, but something is very different now.

The cloak envelopes your body and you feel a new sense of strength and a great vastness. It seems to swell and contract, writhing and moving with a mind of its own.

You move around and the cloak bends to your every movement, never getting in the way or hindering you, always keeping you covered and hidden in darkness, yet you feel free and lithe. It feels right and like you and the cloak are one and have always been one.

Tucked within the folds and hidden pockets, that you somehow know the location of, you find an assortment of strange objects.

Teeth, bits of string and cord, wrapped bones, beads, small polished stones, dried mushrooms and twigs.

You have no idea what these objects are for but you sense power and utility in them and return them to their respective pockets.

You spend some time surveying your surroundings. A gnarled tree stands a short hike away on a small hill, you notice something swaying in the branches, the hilltop could also prove to be a nice vantage point.

The cracked ground around you seems to be strewn with small stones, sticks and tufts of dark grass. One brightly glowing stone nearby sticks out in the moonlight more than others.

In the distance a large ominous shape looms in the darkness. There appears to be birds circling above.

There is a gully down below you that leads between two hills. You can hear some strange sounds every so often carried on the breeze.

The choices 

  • Hike to the hill and climb up to the gnarled tree

  • Take a closer look at the brightly glowing stone

  • Walk towards the large ominous shape in the darkness

  • Cautiously approach the gully with the strange sounds

You decide!

What do you do?

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